PLAY/DATE tickets now on sale!!!

Tickets to Laura's show PLAY/DATE are now on sale! Visit for more info.

"I moved to NYC to do theatre. But the opportunity to do NEW THEATRE is something I find so important. I will never get sick of sitting in a dark theatre and watching a play. It's one of my favorite things to do. But there are other ways to explore and experience theatre, and I am so excited for this one. Think Sleep No More, but in a LES club, and it's not one play happening all around you- it's like 20. And each of these different NEW plays takes place on a date. A first date, a blind date, a hook up.. the couple that's been together way too long. The perfect date, the WORST date, a complete freak show of a date- all happening, simultaneously, all around you. And you get to walk around with a drink in your hand, and watch ALL of it. Think of all the conversations you've ever heard part of in a NYC bar- now imagine that you could go ease drop on ALL of them, and not only will no one judge you- you'll be completely encouraged to do so. This is theatre. This is PLAY/DATE. Check it out. " -Laura