Laura is an actor, producer, writer, environmental activist and plant-based culinary artist.

Laura’s first theatre company partnered with NYC Pride in 2013 and produced Alexi Kaye Campbell’s The Pride while the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was being argued in the Supreme Court, (on opening night of this production, DOMA was found unconstitutional). Growing up in a family of writers and other artists, Laura has always had a deep appreciation for new voices and is passionate about having them heard. She was one of the founding members and core actors of FRESH PRODUCE’d, a theatre company dedicated to workshopping new pieces of theatre in their early stages. In 2014, Laura became the artistic director for FRESH PRODUCE’d NYC and went on to team up with Mutant Peep Show to produce the first workshop of a fascinating new play dealing with quantum computing (a subject not often brought to the stage), BOUNDED IN A NUTSHELL by Jason C Stuart, in which Laura also originated the role of Deb. She was also one of the original cast members of Play/Date, an immersive theatre show on the Lower East Side of Manhattan inspired by the NYC dating scene.

Now Laura is working to use theatre, film, photography and other art forms to bring insight and humor to the current environmental crises we face today, as well as other social and humanitarian issues, in order to make them feel more accessible.

Laura and her brother Micah Delhauer also co-created a vaudeville show, Heavenly and Friends, which Laura has produced and performed sporadically in Brooklyn, NY.