Hi, Mom! Monologues from the Characters of Climate Change is a new play in development amplifying the untold or unheard voices of the characters of our current climate crisis. Sometimes comical, sometimes heartbreaking, these stories present an insight into this global threat and seek to connect, inspire and motivate.

Next presentation of HI MOM! will take place Saturday, Oct. 5th and Saturday, Oct. 12th 2019

Details and tickets to follow

December 2018 Presentation Included

Writing by

Reed Arnold, Laura Delhauer, Micah Delhauer, Jamie Roach and Jason C. Stuart

with research by James Delhauer

And was performed by

Reed Arnold, Laura Delhauer, Nino Gurgenidze, Dace McNally, Jamie Roach and Meredith Watson

Directed and Produced by Laura Delhauer and Jonathan Zautner

Photography by Lloyd Mulvey and Hercules Kavela